Liability Waiver

Bollywood Dance School Canada (BDS Canada) makes no guarantee regarding individual student results due to the highly personal nature of these services and their dependency on the student's own participation and motivation to achieve success.

BDS Canada follows a strict NO REFUND policy. In some cases, credit notes may be provided based on the situation. Management decisions on those matters would be final and binding.

Personal Injury – I (participating student) will be participating in physical activities, and as such, I realize there is an element of physical risk involved, for which I accept full responsibility, and I hold harmless the staff and management of Bollywood Dance School Canada in case of injury. I (participating student) furthermore warrant that I have no known medical condition(s) which will prevent me from undertaking these activities safely and will not hold Bollywood Dance School Canada or any of its directors, instructors, teaching assistants or staff liable for any injuries I sustain as a result of any medical conditions I may have, pre-existing or otherwise.

Liability Policy – I (participating student) and my agents, personal representatives, and assignees, hereby release and discharge Bollywood Dance School Canada, its staff, its management and its owner/s from any and all liability for personal injury or property damage arising out of the use of the premises or participation in activities.

Privacy Policy - I (participating student) authorize Bollywood Dance School Canada to use any photos/videos of me taken during classes, events and/or performances to be used freely to promote the interests of the company however I do not waive the right to request that a specific photo of me be removed from marketing material. In the event that I make such a request, I authorize Bollywood Dance School Canada to use up any printed material or marketing ads already paid for and understand that they will remove the image in question from the content of any future purchases or campaigns.

Cancellation – Bollywood Dance School Canada reserves the right to drop students from classes for - excessive lateness and/or absence, disrespectful or disruptive behaviour, non-payment of tuition/other charges due, or cancellation of the entire class.