Instructor Profile

Parth Dani

Artistic Director & Master Choreographer

Parth Dani started his dance career at an early age as an instructor at one of India’s Premiere Dance Academies in Mumbai and from there, ventured off to teach classes across Canada for the last ten years. Parth has had the opportunity to perform and train with most of the biggest Bollywood superstars such as Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, and more at various film awards. With his passion for the arts and entertainment and his love for teaching, Parth has embarked on a journey as the artistic director of a brand new dance academy – Bollywood Dance School: an international organization operating in 5 cities across 3 countries: Canada, the UK, and Australia with the motto of “Connecting global communities through Dance’. His dance academy conducts premiere Bollywood classes across the GTA and provides spectacular performances all across the country!

Adnan Shamsuzzoha


A Toronto resident with strong Bengali roots, Adnan has been involved with Bollywood dance for the majority of his life. With over 12 years of professional experience, he has performed in both Canada and the U.S, and had the privilege of sharing the stage and perform alongside many of Bollywood`s hottest stars including: Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra, Shah Rukh Khan, Dia Mirza, Sunidhi Chauhan and Sonu Nigam, as well as performing for both the Prime Ministers of Canada and India.

Adnan started his dance career under the instruction of a prestigious global Bollywood dance academy, and worked his way up from a student of dance to full-fledged instructor in just a few short years. Trained in Bollywood, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and House, he has made his mark across the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), and teaches every age group from the tender age of 4 to the golden-aged ‘youngsters of yesterday’, as well as people with exceptionalities. He is passionate about his craft, and loves imparting this love of dance to everyone he meets; particularly drawn to those that believe they are too old or feel too shy to dance.

Especially enthusiastic about fusion pieces, Adnan hopes to bring together his dance knowledge and cultural experiences to build pieces that highlight the talents of his native motherland – Bangladesh, and fuse them with fresh international perspectives.

Outside of dance, Adnan is passionate about costume design and is working towards building his own brand. He is earnest about taking on new challenges and strives to live life to the fullest by staying true to his personal motto – “Choose today, not tomorrow”.

Samira Sunderji


Samira is a professional dancer based in Toronto, with a background in Bollywood, Hip-Hop, and Indo-Contemporary. Her passion for dance began at the age of 4, where she performed alongside children and youth in the Ismaili community for annual variety dance shows. This passion fostered an immense love for the fine arts and became an integral part of her personality and individuality. She continued her professional dance training at the age of 9, and culminated with performances at a variety of high-profile corporate and cultural events, including the International Indian Film Academy Awards, Toronto International Film Festival, the India-Canada Delegations Ceremony, William Osler Holi Charity Gala, and World Partnership Walk.

Samira is currently in her second year of McMaster University’s Honours Kinesiology Program. She is a core choreographer for McMaster’s Recreational Dance Team and a dance coordinator for McMaster’s Ismaili Students Association. Samira is also certified in Mental Health First Aid by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), and uses these teachings to foster a positive, safe, and healthy environment for all her students in dance classes.

Harleen Chhabra


Dancing since the tender age of 4, Harleen instantly fell in love with the feeling of being on stage; for her, dance is an outlet and a way for her to express herself. Trained in Bollywood Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Salsa, she has had numerous opportunities to perform alongside celebrities at prestigious corporate events across Canada. Under the tutelage of Parth Dani, Harleen has trained professionally to be an instructor and embraced the responsibility to spread the joy of dance at BDS!

Besides dance, she is obsessed with trying new restaurants around the city. She is a complete foodie! Finding joy in the littlest of things in life, she hopes to combine her passions to create and inspire everyone she meets to dance!

Prithvi Castelino


A hip-hop prodigy with an innate passion for all urban styles, Prithvi has set the stage on fire since the tender age of 6, with over 14 years of show experiences across the GTA. Starting his training in Bollywood-Jazz at an elite Bollywood Dance Academy, he worked his way to the top, and has performed in various high profile shows including IIFA 2011 in Toronto.

When not dancing, Prithvi enjoys discovering new music. Exploring different genres, languages and artists helps him connect with his art and find new ways to create. He is also a strong advocate for active lifestyles; not solely because of the health benefits, but because of the valuable lessons learned through working with new people every day.

Sara Dhalla

Teaching Assistant

Meet Sara – Dance allows her to express herself in ways that nothing else has. No matter how she is feeling, she can always turn to dance to express her emotions. She has been dancing professionally for over a decade and is excited to empower aspiring dancers as her way to give back.

Sara has performed at multiple corporate shows, alongside celebrities, and at prestigious events across Canada including the Toronto International Film Festival and the International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA Awards). She has also been trained and exposed to several different dance styles including Bollywood, hip hop and contemporary.

Besides dance, she is a total fashionista! Fashion allows her to take risks and try new styles to express her personality. Learn and dance with our passionate, driven and enthusiastic TA – Sara Dhalla!

Sudikshiya Bisoyi

Teaching Assistant

As a young choreographer, Sudikshya has a strong passion for the future of innovation in the arts including music, drama and dance. Classically trained with 9+ years of professional experience, she learned Odissi and Mayurbhanj Chhau with the ChitralekhaOdissi Dance Creations Company (CODC) and Bollywood, Hip-hop, Jazz, Ballet, Indo-Contemporary at a recognized dance academy in Canada!

Some highlights of Sudikshya’s dance career include assisting in directing, and performing Odissi at the International Konark Dance & Music Festival in India, and touring with North America with CODC. She has also founded a dance program known as ‘Little’s Dance Academy’ within the NGO Sai Dham Canada, and her growing efforts since the last 6 years as a lead instructor and Administrative Manager has consistently given underprivileged children and youths an opportunity to learn and perform dance yearly.

Sudikshya is very passionate about her craft and believes everybody can dance. She seeks to radiate a friendly environment of ‘Good Vibes Only’ for everyone to be comfortable to unleash their potentials. She truly believes “Dance with your heart, everything else will follow”. Not only does she thrive in dance culture, but she has also leveraged her strong background in designing props/costumes, playing instrumentations, event management and administration to increase her effectiveness and efficiency as a well-rounded artist.