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Bollywood Dance School – Canada | UK | Australia

Bollywood Dance School (BDS) is a global dance organization operating in over 5 cities across 3 countries: Canada, Australia & UK with the motto of “Connecting Global Communities through Dance”.With expert faculty, and instructors with over 20 years of experience in the Bollywood industry, we aim to bring Indian culture & heritage out to the world in the most admirable way.

Bollywood Dance School Canada (BDS Canada)

BDS Canada is on a mission to share the Indian culture with the Canadian community through Indian performing arts and dance forms. We share the joy of dance, empower and motivate individuals to get fit through dance and enthrall the audiences through performance.

At Bollywood Dance School Canada, we aim to provide quality dance training available to all ages. Our dance classes run throughout the year at multiple locations across the GTA, providing each student with an opportunity to train with our expert faculty. Offering numerous dance styles such as Commercial-Bollywood© Bolly-Swag©, Indo-Contemporary©, Bolly-Vogue© and more, we’re sure to have a style for you. Our Performance-Based classes give each student an opportunity to learn from professionals, express themselves creatively and showcase their talent on stage. Classes are available for kids (4 to 7 years), juniors (8 to 12 years) and adults (13 years and above).


Performance Based Classes:

Offering numerous dance styles such as Commercial-Bollywood©, Bolly-Swag©, Indo-Contemporary©, Bolly-Vogue© and more, we’re sure to have a style for you. Our Performance Based Classes give each student an opportunity to learn from professional instructors and express themselves creatively. Classes are available for children (4 to 7 years), pre-teens (8 to 12 years) and adults (13 years and above). Bollywood Dance School Canada runs five 6-week dance courses in a calendar year. Each course culminates into showcase/recital or an informal presentation for students to show their talent to their family and friends. These shows are a fantastic opportunity to help fortify confidence!

Intensive Juniors/ Intensive Adults:

BDS offers intensive programs for dancers who are interested in learning the advanced nuances for dance and performing arts and being a part of our Professional Dance Company. It is designed to give students from ages the opportunity to train and study dance in a professional environment. This program is for students who meet certain aptitude criteria and is structured to advance the technical skills of dancers and improve their overall dance vocabulary.

To qualify for the intensive classes, students are required to partake in general dance classes run by the company for a minimum of 6 - 12 months before they are eligible to audition internally. This is so that dancers can cultivate a strong foundation before building upon their skills. However, once a year we also have auditions open to the general public to expand our student base. Students between the ages of 8 to 12 years can audition for a chance to be one of our Junior Intensive Team.While students over the age of 13 can audition to participate in our Adult Intensive Team. Training does not cease with the intensive program. Students who excel may also be invited to join the Core Dance Company and can pass the knowledge onto other dancers by becoming a Junior Instructor.

Open Dance Workshops:

No commitment. All the fun! These workshops are for people who don’t wish to commit to an entire course and do not want to perform on stage. Open Dance Workshops are a popular stress buster amongst working professionals that allows students to push their boundaries and a learn cool new moves to trendy Bollywood hits!

BollywoodBodyBlast (B3)©:

A Bollywood workout program with an exhilarating cardio blast spiced up with groovy Bollywood “jhatkas” and “thumkas” (grooves and moves) for a full body workout like never before. This fun filled class is bound to leave you energized and de-stressed without the commitment of performing at shows.


A specially designed program that forms a part of School’s regular curriculum, Dance@School reaches out to children empowering them with the power of the performing arts at the convenience of their school premises. These workshops are run with the intent to promote health and fitness through the medium of dance and are designed in a way to allow students to get involved and enjoy themselves regardless of their dance experiences, channelizing their energy in a resourceful manner.

Dance@Work© :

Easing hectic work schedules and professional stress, Bollywood Dance School spreads the joy of dance to working professionals at the convenience of their own office & corporate space! These customized dance sessions offer various dance styles and activities that help them de stress, improve teamwork and motivate employees. A specialized show is designed around their Annual Celebrations & Christmas Parties by the employees for the employees.

For enquiries about corporate and cultural performances, workplace workshops, fitness based classes, wedding and sangeet choreography and more - please email us at info@bollywooddanceschool.ca



Keeping the spice of Indian Bollywood Moves & Grooves fused with a western influence of Jazz & Course. To master the animated expression of Bollywood is the core element of this style. It is a high-energy program and a super hit amongst all age groups.


Is a fusion dance style that blends the urban & western moves of Hip-Hop dance with the eastern influence of Bollywood Movements. This Fusion dance is sure to get the energy levels on a new high.


A visually eye pleasing & a coalescence of Indian Contemporary dance moves with a strong ballet & jazz technique with a strong influence of Indian Classical & Folk Dances such as Kathak, Kuchipuddi & Chhau.


Strong. Bold. Sexy. Confident. This styles pushes you to bring out the best in you while you channel your confidence through performance. A unique fusion of vogue, jazz course and heels with the spicy of Bollywood!